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Welcome to the world of Mindful Foods, where rice isn’t just a grain—it’s a way of life! Nestled in the picturesque foothills of the Himalayas, our story is one of family, tradition, and a commitment to quality that spans over 30 years and three generations.

As the premier supplier of Organic & GMO-Free Rice in Europe and the leading Vertically Integrated Rice Grower in SE Asia, we take pride in our heritage and our brands that define our excellence: Earth’s Promise Organic Rice, Heritage Gardens GMO-Free Rice, & Zany Bite Rice Snacks!

Catering to Diverse Dietary needs, Our Products are all Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Soy-Free, Egg-Free, & Vegan making them a wholesome and delicious option for everyone.

But our commitment doesn’t end with our rice. As leaders in the International Rice Community, our extensive portfolio includes Retail & Bulk offerings, ranging from 1LB Branded Bags to 25LB Bulk selections. With over 50 different varieties and sizes, including traditional and custom blends, there’s a perfect rice for every palate and occasion.

Our Story

Step into the magical world of Mindful Foods, where our story blossoms into a magical tale of Family, Rice, & Tradition!

Our journey is a Four-Generation Tale that sprouted from the wisdom of our founder’s grandparents, Din & Taj Rice Farmers with hearts as big as the Hunza Valley.

Generations ago, beneath the majestic Himalayas, Din & Taj refined the art of Rice Cultivation. Over time, their passion passed down to their son, who embarked on a journey to the City of Dreams, New York.

United, they planted the seeds of Rice driven by the mission to deliver top-notch grains to the world, all the while upholding a steadfast commitment to land and water conservation, as well as now Regenerative Farming Practices! 

Four Generations later, little toddlers Aliya & Imani, not yet inclined toward healthier snacking, inspired their Mom and Dad to embark on a mission to create a simple, clean snack from rice.

And so began the adventures of Mindful Foods.

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